Efficient Practice


Efficient Practice
In this essay, Arriale discusses proper practicing technices. She says the biggest challenges students face have to do with developing efficient practice techniques and learning how to be open and responsive while performing. Before a student begins to play an exercise, he/she should tap the rhythm of the exercise and then sing the exercise effortlessly. If this first step is missed, the brain might not be fully engaged. When playing the exercise, the student should sing at the same time. Wind players can sing the exercise and play silently; just fingering the instrument. Another issue is "stopping and starting," which students often do to correct a mistake. If this is allowed during practice, a message is sent to the brain that it is an acceptable way of playing, even though the student may consciously know that it is not. Lastly, Arriale discusses the importance of being open and responsive when practicing.
Théorie et analyse musicales, pédagogie , Éducation