La Clave es la LLave


La Clave es la LLave
Jazz Education Journal
The influence of the Latin culture in jazz music is discussed. All of the various Afro-Cuban styles come from the
Son Montuno music of Cuba. Clave (meaning key) is the underlying rhythmical base of this music: a two-bar
phrase that is repeated over and over. There are two basic types: 2:3 and 3:2. Of the two clave patterns, 2:3 is the
more common to the jazz player. Tune styles include cha-cha, merengue, salsa, mambo, and bolero. To the jazz
player, Afro-Cuban music may seem to lack the elastic nature that swing music has. This would be due to the
specific interlocking layers of rhythms that make this music come to life: all of the parts must be strictly played in
order to fit into the clave pattern. If rhythms are not accurately played, there is the danger that the parts will be out
of clave. Practice techniques are noted. Photographs, musical examples, and a discography are included.
Latin jazz , Théorie et analyse musicales, pédagogie