Tromboneliefde (Trombone love)


Tromboneliefde (Trombone love)
Nieuw Amsterdam
Sketches by author / trombonist Adriaan Jaeggi about his love for the trombone, the wind instrument that fascinated him from his earliest childhood, especially in jazz. As a child, he is unhappy with recorder lessons, but when he sees / hears a trombone for the first time, he feels that he must be a trombone player. His first trombone is a valve trombone, "the feeble brother of the ordinary trombone," later there is the first sliding trombone, a real trombone. Years of study follows, but he is rejected for the conservatory. Yet he continues to play and perform because a life without a trombone is not complete. In the story anecdotes, trombone humor, poems etc. With explanatory glossary and some black-and-white images. The CD contains three songs from famous trombonists (Gary Valente and Ray Anderson)
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OCLC: 71634767