Popular Music and Jazz, 1950–Present


Popular Music and Jazz, 1950–Present
Journal of the Society for American Music
1752-1963, 1752-1971
The coverage of post-1950 popular music and jazz in the second edition of
The Grove Dictionary of American Music (hereafter referred to as the
AmeriGrove II) is truly impressive in its range and scope. AmeriGrove II gives substantial space to a variety of styles ranging from rhythm and blues and rock to country and hip hop, a nod not only to the tremendous impact they have had on the making and consumption of U.S. music in recent decades, but also to the explosion in popular music scholarship witnessed in organizations like the International Association for the Study of Popular Music and the popular music study groups of the American Musicological Society, Society for Music Theory, and Society for Ethnomusicology. Throughout its many entries, AmeriGrove II showcases just how much the study of recent American popular music has grown since AmeriGrove I appeared nearly thirty years ago.
J Soc American Mus
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