Curating Community at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem


Curating Community at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem
Jazz Perspectives
1749-4060, 1749-4079
This article draws from the author's experiences as a participant-observer of public events at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem over the course of several years. Taking a critical view of the popular phrase, “the jazz community,” the article examines how this institution seeks to integrate into Harlem and to nurture a community of curious listeners and talkers through jazz appreciation. Among the questions examine are: What kinds of discussions and relationships emerge between older and younger individuals at museum events, between experts and enthusiasts or aficionados? How might memory influence the production of history there? How can new experiences of jazz shape memories of previous ones, or revise perceptions of canon? How does the social aspect of museum events color the experience of jazz at this space? The author argues that a kind of dialogic jazz community is given voice at the museum Visitor's Center in the interactions between doers, listeners, and learners, between older and younger individuals.
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