The art of conduction: a Conduction workbook


The art of conduction: a Conduction workbook
New York
Lawrence D. Butch Morris (1947-2013) was an American jazz cornetist, composer and conductor, internationally considered one of the great musical innovators of our times. His interests in ensemble music - from avant-garde jazz to contemporary classical - crystallized into a unique method of real-time orchestral composition, which he called Conduction, designed to enable conductors to direct an ensemble. Morris toured the world, introducing Conduction to a varied community of musicians, and his influence extended into art, dance, poetry and cinema. 'The Art of Conduction' is a theoretical introduction and practical guide to Conduction. During the last 10 years of his life, Morris worked to document his method in this book form; his untimely death left it near finished. Finally Daniela Veronesi, a linguist and longtime collaborator, brings his manuscript to completion.
Veronesi, Daniela
Graubard, Allan
Deane, J. A
Golfieri, Massimo
Rossetti, Luciano
Mandel, Howard
The art of conduction
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