The project

The BiblioJazz Project

BiblioJazz is a participative project led by Sorbonne University's Collegium Musicæ Institute.

Starting with a unique database of more than 6,000 entries created by musicologist and jazzman Laurent Cugny and expanded by his musicology students for more than twelve years, BiblioJazz's main goal is to make visible thousands of references about jazz and related music. 

7 themes divided in 159 subjects provide an immediate overview on any topic of jazz (jazz and gender, jazz and Oceania, bebop, jazz and dance, improvisation...).

Why an online catalogue?

BiblioJazz is a collaborative tool informed by everyone and at the service of all that intents to gather the most exhaustive bibliographical database on jazz. You can therefore become member of BiblioJazz community and contribute to enhance and spread awareness of this unique online catalogue.

BiblioJazz allows jazz writings to be accessible to the wider community of professionals and jazz aficionados and, when available, provides links to the reference's text.

Why a collaborative database?

This platform brings together diverse bibliographic references and enable easier access to specialised litterature in various languages other than English. A long-neglected field of the academic world, jazz has mainly produced its knowledge through a network of jazz aficionados and enthusiasts of all kinds. BiblioJazz stands as a collaborative tool of shared knowledge intended for particulars to facilitate access to thousands of bibliographic references.

Who can participate in this project?

Everyone. No special expertise is necessary.

To enhance our database, you just need to open an account.

Website Guidelines

BiblioJazz is regulated by moderators that validate the inclusion and modification of the references, as proposed by signed-up participants.

When adding or modifying references, participants can make observations through the “Notes adressed to the administrator” that will only be read by the website administrators.

For any questions, remarks, difficulties or disagreements, you can also contact the administrators through the message form in "Contact".