Jerusalem Dreamin'


Jerusalem Dreamin'
Jazz Education Journal
C7-C8, C10-C11
Profiles Arnie Lawrence, the Brooklyn-born alto saxophonist and educator. Focuses on Lawrence and his Israeli iborn wife Liza's move to Israel in 1997, and how, with his jazz educator pedigree, he set about establishing a jazz
center in Jerusalem. Explains that one of the ideas behind the Center was that it should act as a focal point to
bring musicians from all over the world to play and teach in Jerusalem. Adds that the Center is also meant to
complement the studies provided by local jazz schools, like Rimon and the Rubin Music Conservatory, and other
institutions throughout the world. Concludes that after three years of intensive work the Center has contributed
much to the region and hopes to continue to spread its musical gospel for years to come.
Théorie et analyse musicales, pédagogie , Éducation , Asie (hors Japon)